Sonya Sahni and the First Grade


Meet the Author

An Idea Is Born

I wrote this book in 2014, shortly after my daughter was born. She inspired me to write this book because I want her to have a “different” sort of childhood than I had. 

I have always been a writer, even before becoming a doctor. It has been part of my life since childhood, whether penning short stories or writing whole novels. I took it upon myself to also take a stand in high school and write about things that I stood for: women’s rights, protecting kids who walked to school by installing proper traffic lights. I was thrilled when I saw change happening related to what I wrote about. This is why I decided to start this series. Ideas are always whirling around my head about what the next series is about. I see things in my daughter and remember things that I went through. My patients also inspire me, since I see how childhood struggles affect adults, so I take their stories as well and weave them into what I am writing about.

I am a practicing internist in New Jersey with a specialty in women's health.